ADP / ARP Strömungsdynamik

General Informations

The lecture is offered as a ARP (Advanced Research Project) for the Master studies in Mechanical Process Engineering and accredited with 6 CP. For students of the old PO 2007 participation is also possible after consultation

Contents: The scope of this ARP is the numerical simulation of a given flow problem using the commercial simulation software COMSOL Multiphysics. COMSOL is based on the finite element method (FEM) and has got the ability to numerically solve problems of various fields of physics. The numerical results are to be evaluated and, if available, compared with experiments. In the course of the ARP the students have to learn about the physical models and numerical methods of the simulation. Finally, the results have to be documented in a final report and presented orally.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of fluid dynamics, numerical methods, knowledge of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Regular cycles: Each Semester


The ARP only takes place after preregistration at the institute and with sufficient group size (at least 4 and at most 7 members). Usually the ARP is carried out in the semester break. Appointments according to arrangement, please contact Jens Weber, M.Sc.


ARP Exercise 2019


Terms for registration will be announced after date and group members have been fixed.

Office hours

By arrangement with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yongqi Wang or Jens Weber, M.Sc.

Lecture materials

Lecture materials together with the assignment of tasks will be provided in due time.


The final interview will usually take place in the week after the ARP weeks. A written report has also to be prepared and submitted both in paper form and electronic form before the final interview.

For the marking, the collaboration during the ARP, the report and the final interview are considered.

Lecturer | Assistant

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yongqi Wang | Jens Weber, M.Sc.