Fachgebiet für Strömungsdynamik (FDY)

Our main area of research of the Chair of Fluid Dynamics is in the field of fluid mechanics, e.g. the researches of turbulence, combustion, multiphase flows, environmental flows as well as general continuum mechanics and thermodynamics. Research methodologies are primarily theoretical and also numerical methods as well as combinations from the both. Using these techniques we investigate both specific problems and develop global fluid mechanic approaches.

The key aim is the deepening of the knowledge of flow physics and especially the development and improvement of mathematical models. The numerical implementation of model equations and the application to both fundamental and applied problems is the final goal of our research.

The Department offers a number of fundamental courses, such as Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics), and also in-depth courses in fluid mechanics such as Advanced Fluid Mechanics, fundamentals of turbulence, boundary layer flows, as well as symmetry and self similarity in fluid mechanics.

Core areas

Mathematical modelling und analysis

Turbulence and combustion

Computational fluid dynamics

Multiphase flows

Natural flows

Compressible flows and gas dynamics