Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics represents an important area in research and development. Due to the complexity of the fundamental equations of fluid mechanics (Navier-Stokes eqs.) a general theory is not existing for the description of different flow problems.

General Informations

In this lecture, the students learn to categorize a broad variety of different flow forms e.g. creeping, turbulent flows, free surface flows, thin film flows, to compute them with different methods e.g. analytic, numeric or singular methods and to interpret various flow phenomena.


1) Fundamentals of Hydrostatics and -dynamics,

2) Ordinary and partial differential equation

Contents: Basic equations of incompressible fluid flow; balance equations (differential and integral); vortical flows; creeping flows; exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations (jets,wakes,mixing layers, etc.); floating bearing theory; introduction to boundary layer theory and perturbation methods; introduction to turbulent flows; surface waves and shallow water waves; thin-film flows.

Regular cycles: Each Winter Semester


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By arrangement with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack


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Oral exams by arrangement with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack

Lecturer | Assistant

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack | Yi Zhang, M.Sc.


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