Multiphase flows

Learning Outcomes

After students have learned the lecture “Continuum mechanical modeling of multiphase flows and mixture theory”, they are able to understand the fundamental principles of the continuum-mechanical description of immiscible multiphase flows with phase interfaces, particle-laden flows and miscible multicomponent mixtures, comprehend and explain associated flow physics, apply the approach of mathematical description and modeling to new flow problems from various fields of mutiphase and multicomponent flows, and interpret underlying physical phenomenon, as well as recognize the restrictions of the methods.


1) Fluid Mechanics or Technical Mechanics IV;

2) Ordinary and partial differential equations;

3) Continuum Mechanics, favorable but not preconditioned

Contents: Kinematics; continuum mechanical modeling of the balance laws for immiscible multiphase flows with phase interfaces; jump conditions at phase interfaces and interfacial transport equations; particle-laden flows with the Euler-Langrange description; balance equations for miscible multicomponent mixtures; diffusion processes; some simple examples.

Regular cycles: Each Winter Semester


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