The BoSSS framework

BoSSS is designed as a Discontinuous Galerkin DG library for solving arbitrary systems of elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic and mixed type PDE.

In brief, the key features of BoSSS are:

  • General framework to discretize general conservation laws by means of the DG method
  • Highly modular object-oriented design based on C# (runs under .NET or mono and hence runs on Linux/UNIX and supercomputers/clusters)
  • Generic in grid type (triangles, quads, cubes, tetras) and dimension (1D – 3D)
  • Fully MPI parallel
  • Parallel I/O: No parallel file system needed – load can be balanced to multiple fileservers
  • Core routines for large linear systems have been written for GPUs
  • Arbitrary repartitioning of grids (redistributes grid in any order; run on N processors – restart with M processors)
  • Open source


  • BoSSSpad worksheets enable a user to access all aspects of BoSSS without the burden of a full-featured programming environment. As a result, they can be used to create scripts for routine operations, without the need to define and maintain interface to a scripting language.
  • Builtin-in cut-cell techniques allow for the usage of non-smooth and time-dependent basis functions within each computational cell (in the spirit of the eXtended Finite Element Method), while maintaining the full rate of convergence for smooths problems

BoSSS: A tool for modeling

Performance goal


C# and GPU: Performance